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extenze male enhancement scam or does extenze work

2011 August 5
by Kathrine

After spending $100 to $200 on pills for penis enlargement, thousands of men are disappointed. Why is that the case? Because they didn’t first go seek information about how people who actually used the product responded or what experiences they had. People frequently believe the commercial, which has been skillfully designed for that purpose by a sales and marketing company, and proceed without considering the price.

Because of all these things, we decided to conduct our own trial survey to see whether does extenze work or are they just bogus and baseless claims.

We opted to test the efficacy of the products by running a test with one. This is where we ran across the initial trouble though. What item are we going to choose? As both criticism and recommendations were heard about the brand we decided to make a website for Extenze supplements. This was the final test that would determine the product’s effectiveness.

Does Extenze Work
Beginning the Extenze Trial
We were all a little cynical at first. “This cannot be possible” if you think that a pill could result in a larger and harder penis for everyone.

Consequently, as the trial has gone forth, we’ve selected people who are willing to participate, taking the appropriate measurements and being aware that not very many are optimistic of a successful outcome. It is true that things were not looking favorable after week one.

With the exception of two people, everyone in the trial group experienced no change whatsoever in the size of both an erect and flaccid penis, and only about half of all participants indicated that they were performing better sexually than they had during the previous week. We, of course, wanted to make the experiment last longer than one week, which is why we sent all the participants home and urged them to keep taking the supplements as directed.

By the time, Extenze users entered into the 4th week, visible results were there with almost all the users being happy and satisfied. The greatest results occurred during the fourth week. The survey provided positive results and 19 out of 20 participants experienced vital and visible changes. After four weeks of using the product, 90% of the customers definitely saw improvement.

So Does Extenze Work?
Put plainly, this was an impressive result, and we were all more than a little surprised by it. Once we saw the results, any concerns we might have had as to whether the product really worked were completely dispelled. The Extenze products are highly recommended on the basis of its conformity with results, promises during tests.

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